Purple Oxy Wipe, Hydrogen Peroxide, Clorox and Lysol Disinfectant Wipes

Purple Oxy Wipes


Hydrogen Peroxide works by destroying the cell walls of the germs, viruses fungi, etc thought the process is called Oxidation because the compound’s oxygen atoms are incredibly reactive and they attract, steal the electrons. With fewer electrons the cell walls become damaged or even break apart It deactivates a wide spectrum of microorganisms like fungi, bacteria, viruses spores.

Hydrogen Peroxide is good for non-porous surfaces like plastic metal glass etc

Our wipes come in standard 100 sheets,500sheets (5l buckets),1000 sheets,2000 sheets, and bulk refill packs

We supply wipes for industrial use,retail-shopping trolley wipes, mines, filling stations, gyms, restaurants, food sectors and other sectors

We can also make custom make packs depending on quantities. Please enquire