Alcohol Free Wipes, Sanitary, Trolley and Disinfectant Surface Wipes Bulk

Alki Wipes

Through the denaturation process, alcohol kills bacteria.

Amphiphile chemical compounds are molecules which are both water and fat-loving, meaning the alcohol molecules attracts both water and fat molecules and because bacteria and virus membranes are fat and water-based, alcohol binds and  breakdown these molecules

As soon as this protective (enveloped ) membrane is dissolved the cells inner core is exposed to the alcohol, these cells are then quickly destroyed by the alcohol.

Alcohol is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses; alcohol is also a natural germicide with little to no side effects when used on hands

The WHO recommends an alcohol solution of min 70% and all our sanitizers and wipes comply with this requirements, we also have higher 85% concentration alcohol wipes, where quicker evaporation is required such as sensitive electronic equipment


Our wipes come in standard 100 sheets,500sheets (5l buckets),1000 sheets,2000 sheets and bulk refill packs

We supply wipes for industrial use,retail-shopping trolley wipes, mines,filling stations,gyms, restaurants ,food sectors and other sectors

We can also make custom make packs depended on quantities. Please enquire