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Purple Oxy Wipes (Peroxide Based Sanitizing Solution)

20 Sep 2020

The main benefits of choosing Purple Oxy Wipes (Peroxide Based Sanitizing Solution) over other types of wipes is that it's more environmentally friendly. This product is also safe for use on the skin and can even be used on young children's hands.

Peroxide is a great non-toxic cleaning solution that kills germs fast. It can be used for various purposes as its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-mold, and anti-mildew. This product also effectively removes stubborn stains and is simple to use as no rinsing is needed. This makes it perfect for a busy mom or commercial cleaner.

The peroxide-based sanitizing wipes are very cost-effective and contain fast-acting disinfectant that will kill all types of germs and gets rid of fungus.

Best to use at Commercial Premises

Purple Oxy Wipes (Peroxide Based Sanitizing Solution) has a variety of commercial and home uses. It's great for using to clean gym equipment and athletic facilities as its anti-bacterial and anti-fungus. This means it will get rid of infections such as athletes' foot, as well as viruses and other infections.

These wipes can also be used in commercial kitchens as they are great for wiping surfaces in restaurants, cafes, and food processing facilities. They can also be used to clean and disinfect offices' workspaces and desks, restrooms, and schools.

Purple Oxy Wipes (Peroxide Based Sanitizing Solution)s also make effective trolley wipes, which can help to protect customers from germs while shopping.

Hazards of Purple Oxy Wipes (Peroxide Based Sanitizing Solution)

It's essential not to use peroxide-based sanitizer in hazardous areas as it can be a fire risk. It also shouldn't be mixed or stored in the vicinity of organic matter, such as alcohol. Purple Oxy Wipes (Peroxide Based Sanitizing Solution) is a strong oxidizer and should be kept away from fires and other reactive materials


Purple Oxy Wipes (Peroxide Based Sanitizing Solution) has many uses as it's anti-bacterial and has anti-fungal properties. It can be used for commercial and residential use to clean mold and mildew from surfaces.

Last Modified: Monday 21 September 2020 04:34
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