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26 Aug 2020

Everything you Need to Know About Alki Wipes (Alcohol-Based Sanitizing wipes)

Alki Wipes (Alcohol-Based Sanitizing wipes) are great all-round wipes that have a variety of uses. They are a popular choice for businesses and individuals alike. If you're searching for a 99% effective wipe that has a variety of purposes, it's best to use an alcohol-based wipe or sanitizer. These can be used on the hands as well as on a variety of surfaces and kill germs and viruses quickly while stopping infections from spreading.

The Benefits of Alki Wipes (Alcohol-Based Sanitizing wipes)

Alki Wipes (Alcohol-Based Sanitizing wipes) leave less residue as the liquid evaporates quickly. This makes them great for cleaning electronic devices. Phones, laptops, and i-pads, as well as buttons on remote controls, TV's and DVD players, are often touched by different people and need to be cleaned regularly. An anti-bacterial wipe allows you to clean your devices, leaving them germ-free and safe for all the family.

Alki Wipes (Alcohol-Based Sanitizing wipes) can be used on multiple surfaces, including the skin, and have been approved by the World health organization. They are fast acting and safe for the skin and kill a broad-spectrum of antimicrobial bacteria.

The Disadvantage of Alki Wipes (Alcohol-Based Sanitizing wipes)

In some rare situation's Alki Wipes (Alcohol-Based Sanitizing wipes) can be hazardous as they are flammable. Therefore, it's essential to be careful when using these types of wipes, don't use them near naked flames or smoke after using a wipe.

Uses of Alki Wipes (Alcohol-Based Sanitizing wipes)

Alki Wipes (Alcohol-Based Sanitizing wipes) kill most types of germs and are suitable to use on retail surfaces. Shop owners and employees can use Alki Wipes (Alcohol-Based Sanitizing wipes) to disinfect till points, shelving, and trolley wipes. They can also be used by café and restaurant owners to clean tables or can be used to clean gym equipment.

Alki Wipes (Alcohol-Based Sanitizing wipes) are also great for personal use, and a small packet of wipes can be kept in your bag to use at restaurants and other food facilities. This is particularly important if you have small children as they are great for wiping high chairs at food outlets or trolley seats and handles before shopping.

They can also be used in the home to wipe toilet seats, door handles, flush knobs and taps to keep you and your family safe from harmful bacteria.


Alki Wipes (Alcohol-Based Sanitizing wipes) are versatile and have a variety of uses. They are safe for the skin and suitable for everyday use. These types of wipes are suitable for both personal and commercial use in retail and food outlets. The only disadvantage is that they are flammable, so they should not be used near a naked flame.

Alcohol-based wipes are one of the most common and popular sanitizing solutions on the market. They are single-use, disposable wipes that are very simple to use and convenient.

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