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Benzalkonium Chloride Sanitizing Solution Wipes

20 Sep 2020

Benzalkonium Chloride Sanitizing Solution Wipes are the perfect solution for removing bacteria, infections, and viruses from areas that are considered hazardous. These wipes have been specially designed for commercial use in mines and other areas where it wouldn't be safe to use an alcohol-based wipe due to fire hazards.

Benzalkonium Chloride Sanitizing Solution is a very effective anti-microbial disinfectant. It can help to protect against a large selection of bacteria strains and other microbes. These types of wipes have longer-lasting antibacterial properties than similar alcohol-based wipes on the market. They are very effective and disposable.

The Benefits of Benzalkonium Chloride Sanitizing Solution Wipes

Benzalkonium Chloride Sanitizing Solution Wipes are safe to use in hazardous areas, such as mines and have been specifically designed for the purpose. They contain a non-flammable sanitizing fluid, which helps to kill a broad-spectrum of antimicrobial germicide. They are fast-acting and anti-bacterial and can be used to disinfect multiple surfaces and equipment.

Wipes that contain Benzalkonium chloride, also known as BZK for short, don't sting like alcohol-based wipes do if you get it in a cut or graze. They are also very effective against bacteria and microorganisms.

Antibacterial wipes that contain Benzalkonium chloride can be used for wiping all types of surfaces, including work desks and hands. They can be used to disinfect skin and are great for cleaning minor wounds.

Best to use at Work

Benzalkonium Chloride Sanitizing Solution Wipes are best used in mines and hazardous work environments where peroxide wipes and alcohol-based wipes would pose a fire risk. These wipes are safe to use and can be used to disinfect sensitive equipment.

Benzalkonium Chloride was initially invented in Germany in 1935. It's been widely used in hospitals and commercial businesses as a disinfectant and antiseptic. These types of wipes are used in restaurants and food processing plants. One of these wipes' main benefits is that they won't cause dryness to human skin, even if used regularly, as it contains moisturizing formulas.


These wipes are perfect for commercial use as they are non-hazardous and fast-acting. They can be used to disinfect work surfaces and sensitive equipment and will help to keep you and your employees or colleagues safe from viruses and infections. They can also be used to clean hands and to disinfect scrapes, grazes, and minor cuts. These wipes are multi-purpose and great to have around the workplace.

Last Modified: Monday 21 September 2020 04:22
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